laboratory for electron microscopy and material analysis
Mallaustraße 57          
Dr. Andreas Lorenz                            D - 68219    Mannheim         
tel:   +49 (0)621 / 978 31 17          
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spectrum of steel
  EMTEC offers to you services in electron microscopy and material analysis:
* Investigation of damage, failure and faults by the use of scanning electron microscopy and the electron beam x-ray microanalysis. Expertises to such occurances at technical parts, e.g. fracture, corrosion, wear and tear. spectrum of steel
* Accompanioning investigations to the quality assurance of technical parts, surfaces and structures.
* Protection of the environment - analytical evidence of pollution and anorganic allergenes, measure of concentration in certain cases.
* Stockcontrol and chemical analysis of materials - material investigation.

  Our laboratory is a totally independent business. We insure you of short operating times for your samples (a few days, in urgent cases immediately)
and confidantial treatment of the results.


crystals of copper oxide
crystals of copper oxide, 36 kB
EMTEC location map, available soon

EMTEC is an associated member of the Technologiepark Heidelberg, and keeps many contacts to other laboratories around in Germany.

Our laboratory is located at Mannheim close to the exit Neckarau of the A656. It can conveniently be reached using public traffic as well.

location map and contact information

If this page could find your interest, why don´t you just give us a call. You may also fill in our inquiry form or send us an email. We will provide you with more information on our offers and prices. In addition we would be happy to give you a free short demonstration of what we are able to do with your specimens at our lab.

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