Consultancy for SEM laboratories

EMTEC offers consultancy and sells certain accessoires to other SEM laboratories. These offers will shortly be presented on this page:

We can train your employees in the attandance of SEMs (especially instruments made by Cambridge Instruments / Leica / LEO) and microanalysis systems (especially instruments made by LINK / OXFORD / Microspec).

Consultancy in questions of suitable instrumentation for your specific applications.

Lectures about subjects of electron microscopy and microanalysis.

Projecting und realisation of certification systems for scanning electron microscopes and for the connected analytical systems EDX and WDX.

SEM-PC-image grabbing systems

We have got extended experience in the use of SEM PC image grabbing systems for bringing older SEMs to state of the art instruments. These systems have been developed for the very special requirements of SEMs and they give absolut phantastic imaging results. In addition these systems provide you with the comfort of a high value yet unexpensive image store. Since many years we use the Orion system by E.L.I. sprl (Belgium) and since 2003 the WinDISS system by point electronic GmbH (Germany) with our second SEM. All SEM images within our site have been digitized directy from the SEMs video using these systems. You may evaluate both systems at our labratory. In certain cases we can give you a system for a limited period of time for you to test it. You can buy these systems directly from us.
EDS systems

There have been developed systems to bring older EDS systems to state of the art instruments as well. Usually the rather expensive EDS detector can be preserved. The analog pulsprocessor on the other hand will be exchanged by a modern digital pulsprocessor. Its signals will be processed further by state of the art software within a PC. These systems provide you with the comfort of preparing your data on todays PC file formats used in the industry. Since 2003 we use the IDfix system By SAMx (Deutschland) with our second SEM. You may evaluate this system at our lab and you can buy it directly from us.
EDWARDS vacuum components

BOC EDWARDS vacuum components
We mainly use EDWARDS vacuum components in our lab and can sell products, for instance vacuum pumps, sputter coaters and other instrumentation made by this manufacturer.

Silicium, etched
Silicium, etched 
78 kB

Video camera in SEM chamber
Video camera 
44 kB
Standards for quantitative microanalysis

Standard substances for microanalysis
Single standard substances and standard blocks with multiple substances. Individual advice to the choice of standard substances for your applications. Individual adaption to the stage of your SEM if this is required.

Video camera in the SEM chamber

This system utilizes a very small camera that is mounted on one of the chamber ports together with a IR-LED illuminatiom. At the same moment you will be able to view the region of the samplestage - detectors - front lens and the SE image of your sample. The video image can be either viewed with a seperate monitor or within a window of your PC monitor. Such a video camera system gives two advantages:
It helps in the task of orienting the samples, especially if there are large samples or many samples at the same time in the chamber. On the other hand it helps in avoiding collosions of the samples with detectors and the front lens, thus possibly saving you large costs reparing your SEM.

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